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Pipe rehabilitation with minimal excavation

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Trenchless Pipe Repair in Kansas City

Kissick Construction has partnered with LMK Technologies to complement our extensive suite of services with their industry-leading Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions. Our professionals are also skilled in the services of pipe bursting and slip lining, other technologies allowing owners to replace or renew their buried pipelines. CIPP, pipe bursting, and slip lining all renew sewer infrastructure without the need for extensive traditional excavation. This preserves existing landscaping and infrastructure while providing a safer, faster response than dig and replace, and a more cost-effective solution for the owner or municipality. Our trenchless technology services renew service life and expand system capacity for our municipal and government clients.

FORMER COPY: Kissick Construction partners with LMK Technologies to complement our extensive suite of services with their industry-leading Cured-in-Place Pipe solutions. CIPP renews sewer infrastructure without the need for traditional excavation. This preserves existing landscaping and infrastructure while providing a safer, faster, more cost-effective response than dig and replace.

Kissick Construction and LMK Technologies, a winning combination

Kissick Construction is a licensed installer for the CIPP methods and products of LMK Technologies. Our crews operate within the four-state region surrounding the Kansas City metro area.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced workforce, we perform all types of underground utility work, including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water lines. With decades of experience in site utilities, we complete work efficiently, on time, and under budget.

REMOVED SUBHEAD: Exclusively licensed installer

Team Lead

David Kissick



DAVID KISSICK | Vice President / Estimator


Utilities, Trenchless Technology, Site Development


David has served in many capacities at Kissick during his 20 years of experience. From low-man on a crew to pipe foreman to “gopher” in the office to estimating and managing multi-million dollar projects, David has experienced a lot in his young career. David serves as an estimator on a variety of underground utility and earthwork projects. He has also led the firm’s expansion into self-performing trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation work.

Fun Fact

He is a 5th generation Kissick in the construction business. He has 4 children with his wife Monica, and a Border Collie named Roxy.

Benefits of Kissick’s Trenchless Technology

Extensive Training and Experience

Our crews have years of experience and benefit from LMK classroom and on-the-job site training.


Quality Assurance

The lining materials we use are fabricated in LMK’s manufacturing facility and are subjected to the manufacturer’s quality assurance and quality control processes prior to shipping.


Made in the USA

All LMK Technologies products are 100% American made.


LMK Approved Equipment

Our mobile CIPP trailer uses proprietary equipment that is fabricated and approved by the manufacturer, and is exclusively used for proper T-Liner installations.


Featured Project Profiles

Middle Blue River Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Area 2

This project was part of Kansas City Missouri’s ongoing repairs and updates to its aging sewer infrastructure and included 51,884 LF Cured in Place Pipe installations (CIPP), 277 CIP lateral liners, 270 open cut lateral repairs, 3,000 LF of open cut main replacement, 9,000 LF of pipe burst main replacement, and manhole rehabilitation and replacement.

Trenchless Technology, Utilities

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Gooseneck Creek North Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation

Trenchless Technology, Utilities

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KC Streetcar Utilities Upgrades

Kissick Construction was responsible for relocations and improvements of public utility facilities as part of the new Kansas City downtown streetcar system. Much of the buried infrastructure is over 100 years old and well past its useful life.

Trenchless Technology, Utilities

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A small sample of our many clients

Axiom Construction Group

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From Our Partners

“We have had a long standing relationship with Kissick Construction and are looking forward to future endeavors together. Most recently on the Kauffman Stadium Project you could not have assembled a better team. This was a difficult project with considerable time constraints that went very smoothly because of their efforts.”

– Travis Lourens

Vice-President/Partner, Kelly Construction Group

“It’s really been a joy to work with them. They are not only great contractors, but incredible people first. We look forward to many more opportunities working with them in the future.”

– Vince Stephens

President, Axiom Construction Group

“I wouldn’t recommend digging a 38 foot deep pit in the center of your manufacturing plant without Kissick.”

– Dan Bruyn

Director of Operations, Pentair Flow Technologies

“The can-do attitude of the Kissick group is infectious. It positively impacts everyone it touches.”

– Rodney Michalka

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction

“There is no better compliment to an organization than to continue to receive work from clients based on relationships and satisfaction. Kissick goes above and beyond in both of those areas.”

– M.R. Wehrly, P.E.

Engineering Manager, Energy, Black & Veatch

“I don’t work with another company I trust more than the owners and associates at Kissick.”

– Ron Lockton

President, Lockton Companies

“As a customer, having high-caliber customer-focused companies such as Kissick to participate in our projects, makes life a lot easier.”

– John Frick

Director Electrical Production Engineering, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

“From the earliest days of planning the project all the way through the punch list, the Kissick Team’s expertise, experience and skills were integral to our success.”

– Sarah Hill Nelson

President, The Bowersock Mills and Power Company

“Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of Kissick Construction behind you.”

– Nan Tiehen Bone

President, St. Teresa’s Academy