Jim Kissick

 Lloyd J. “Jim” Kissick III,
September 4, 1950 – December 8, 2018


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Lloyd J. “Jim” Kissick, III

Remembering Jim Kissick

In the office, and on every job, his presence is felt every day since the untimely passing of Jim Kissick on the morning of December 8th, 2018.

Over the past years your prayers and words of support have been a great comfort to his family and to all of us at Kissick Construction, in the office and in the field.

Together We Remember

All of our field crews and office staff come together every year to celebrate our annual company Christmas gathering and it is always a wonderful time of celebration and remembrance. Historically, this was Jim’s favorite day of the year as he was always so proud of the Kissick Construction team – everyone was so important to him and gave him so much joy. In the years to come, this occasion will continue to be a special time of remembrance for Jim, full of fond memories and full hearts.

Jim Kissick’s Contribution to Our Culture

Jim said, “I think the most important thing about our culture, is that we have, even as we grow every year, we have a real family attitude towards all of our employees and their families. And what’s really important to us is that each person that comes to work for us feels that they are a part of that family; and feels like they look to the guy that’s sitting next to them or working next to them on a crew and they can count on that person just as much as Pete and I count on each other.”

We remember Jim and his high standards of hard work, integrity and compassionate humanity as we try to carry them forward each and every day.

Honors for Jim

Jim Kissick touched the lives of many people in a wide variety of communities in both his professional and personal lives. The many tributes he has received are a testament to his impact and the fond feelings held for him by so many.

An example of the many honors he received was the moving tribute during the NAIA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Supporting the NAIA as an honorary coach of the Georgetown Tigers was a highlight of Jim’s year, and something he did for 16 years. The NAIA celebrated his contributions by making the second round of the 2019 tournament “Jim Kissick Day.” All 32 teams in the tournament wore “JK | #KissickProud” patches on their uniforms throughout the tournament. Before the final game, Jim’s family was presented with a “16 Years” NAIA jersey by the Georgetown coach and NAIA leaders, and got to witness Jim’s beloved Georgetown Tigers triumphing with the championship.

Copy about other posthumous honors (city council proclamations, Grain Valley golf tournament renamed Kissick Classic

Kissick Legacy

Today the team Jim fostered at Kissick Construction continues to serve the greater Kansas City area as respected contractors. On the leadership team are co-founder Pete Browne and Jim’s sons David Kissick and Lloyd J. Kissick, IV. Our entire firm is proud to continue to honor Jim’s legacy by building and sustaining the company he co-founded in 1994. KISSICK PROUD!

Jim’s obituary may be read at:

Continuing to Give

Supporting a wide variety of charities was very important to Jim. He would encourage you to follow your heart and be involved in building your community. Think of Jim as you do so, or give to charities he valued supporting:
The American Heart Association
The NAIA Champions of Character Foundation