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Construction Contractor in Kansas City


Kissick Construction Company is Kansas City’s construction contractor, founded in 1994 by Lloyd J. “Jim” Kissick III and Pete Browne. They began this firm with a commitment to provide quality service to their Kansas City client base.

Celebrating its 30th year of experience, Kissick Construction is diverse in its scope of work, from initial demolition, rough grading, and site utilities to structural concrete and flatwork.

Pete and Jim founded Kissick Construction on the belief that success is a result of treating others fairly and with respect, hiring and retaining talented people, and never saying “we can’t” to a client. The firm has grown to manage projects as large as $100 million with almost 400 employees, and has earned a strong reputation for innovatively solving  construction challenges.

Our Approach

Quality / Enthusiasm / Safety / Technology / Equipment


At Kissick Construction, we’ve built our reputation on quality, honesty, and client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and have won awards from a variety of industry associations, proving our place as an industry leader.

With Kissick Construction on your team, you’ll never have to worry about accountability and can be assured your project will be completed on time, within budget, and with the highest quality.


We come to work every day with a passion for solving our clients’ problems, doing exceptional work, and improving the communities in which we work in meaningful and long-lasting ways. Working toward results we can be proud of is not only fulfilling, it’s a culture we’ve built within our company, and something we strive to do on each project, big or small.


Following safety protocols is part of our core culture, as the wellbeing of our team members and partners is paramount on all job sites. This safety culture is both longstanding and effective, as shown by our excellent safety performance.


Kissick keeps pace with current technology for more accurate planning, and to allow our partners ease of collaboration and access to realtime information on job progress. Our project managers, superintendents, and foremen utilize tablets with the most up-to-date software to sync the office and the field together. Our talented group of surveyors ensure maximum accuracy for our estimators and field teams with the most advanced survey and take off equipment in the industry.


As a self-performing construction contractor in Kansas City, Kissick stays within our client’s budgets by efficiently maintaining a fleet of over 300 pieces of equipment, many of which utilize GPS/GIS to control and track location, depth, & excavated volume.

Our 24,000 square foot facility also allows us to service this fleet with minimal down time.

Our Pillars

Our three pillars support everything we do.

Relationships are our Strongest Foundation

From demolition and moving earth to finish-grading and landscaping, Kissick can bring together the many different disciplines required to prepare a site for the next stage of construction.

Innovation Fuels Our Ingenuity

Kissick Construction team members utilize their expertise and years of experience working on similar scopes to strategize unique approaches. Many times these end up as value engineered solutions, saving our clients time in their schedules, and money in their budgets.

Determination in Challenging Environments

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity. Kissick has a reputation for successfully managing risks. We prosper in complex construction environments by leveraging the ingenuity and dedication of our personnel: tough, smart people who take pride in succeeding despite challenges.

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Are you looking to be a part of a great team?

We’re always looking to add great people to our growing family. Join our passionate, diverse, high-caliber team to enjoy an atmosphere that provides the opportunity for achievement and growth. We value our employees and firmly believe they are who dictate our success.

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From Our Partners

“Your team performed at the top of their game –  they kept safe, accomplished a quality installation, and in an extremely timely fashion – all while you worked through 3-½” of rain… 
During normal operations or challenging times I know we want Kissick on our side.
I honestly still can’t figure out how you did all that work in those conditions. From the NKCH family – THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

– Nic Riesenberg, CHFM, CHC, LEED

Vice President of Facilities and Support Services, North Kansas City Hospital

“On behalf of Turner and the NKCH team, we want to thank you all for your hard work this past weekend. Not only did you work around the clock to complete an already difficult task, you did it in non-favorable weather conditions. It’s projects and tasks like this that remind us why we choose to partner with Kissick.”

– Nick Durand, LEED Green Assoc.

Kansas City SPD Division Manager, Turner Construction Company

“We have had a long standing relationship with Kissick Construction and are looking forward to future endeavors together. Most recently on the Kauffman Stadium Project you could not have assembled a better team. This was a difficult project with considerable time constraints that went very smoothly because of their efforts.”

– Travis Lourens

Vice-President/Partner, Kelly Construction Group

“It’s really been a joy to work with them. They are not only great contractors, but incredible people first. We look forward to many more opportunities working with them in the future.”

– Vince Stephens

President, Axiom Construction Group

“I wouldn’t recommend digging a 38 foot deep pit in the center of your manufacturing plant without Kissick.”

– Dan Bruyn

Director of Operations, Pentair Flow Technologies

“The can-do attitude of the Kissick group is infectious. It positively impacts everyone it touches.”

– Rodney Michalka

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction

“There is no better compliment to an organization than to continue to receive work from clients based on relationships and satisfaction. Kissick goes above and beyond in both of those areas.”

– M.R. Wehrly, P.E.

Engineering Manager, Energy, Black & Veatch

“I don’t work with another company I trust more than the owners and associates at Kissick.”

– Ron Lockton

President, Lockton Companies

“As a customer, having high-caliber customer-focused companies such as Kissick to participate in our projects, makes life a lot easier.”

– John Frick

Director Electrical Production Engineering, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

“From the earliest days of planning the project all the way through the punch list, the Kissick Team’s expertise, experience and skills were integral to our success.”

– Sarah Hill Nelson

President, The Bowersock Mills and Power Company

“Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of Kissick Construction behind you.”

– Nan Tiehen Bone

President, St. Teresa’s Academy