Trenchless Technology

Kissick Construction adds extensive Cured-In-Place Pipe services.

Kissick Construction has partnered with LMK Technologies to complement our extensive suite of services with their industry leading Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions. CIPP renews sewer infrastructure without the need for traditional excavation. This preserves existing landscaping and infrastructure while providing a safer, faster response than dig and replace, and a more cost-effective solution for the owner or municipality.

Kissick offers the full suite of LMK's CIPP products and services

Lateral Repair including T-Liner and Lateral Lining
Mainline Repair including Sectional Inversion and CIPP Couplings
All fittings and seals as required by the particular project

Kissick Construction and LMK Technologies, a winning combination
LMK Technologies - Licensed Installer

Team Leader: David Kissick

Pressing resin into the performance liner