Kissick Construction is a proven performer with sports facilities construction. We’ve worked for major sports leagues, high schools and D1 universities, and now we’re constructing Ballparks National’s tournament facility near Lake of the Ozarks. 

Our team mindset allows us to bring together the many disciplines and skill sets required to meet the exacting standards of sports facilities construction, from Earthwork, to Utilities, to Structural Concrete, to Architectural Concrete. We are able to offer schools and sports organizations throughout the region a track record of success and satisfied clients including Kansas City’s pro sports, nearly all of our region’s universities and many high schools. Kissick Construction is proud to be a trusted team member and a reliable partner to clients throughout the region by utilizing innovative technologies and solutions to solve construction problems.

Click below to see Ballparks National’s interview of Kissick Construction President Pete Browne. “A tip of the cap to your fine staff. When they tell me they’re going to be doing eight or nine things at once, they’re doing eight or nine things at once! The logistics is an impressive thing to watch.” – Jeff Vernetti, Ballparks National General Manager.

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