Stormwater Infrastructure at Liberty Commerce Center

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Utilities, Earthwork

Stormwater infrastructure was integral to the Liberty Commerce Center, a new industrial development in Liberty, Missouri. Prior to the extension of Withers Road to access the development, Kissick Construction installed the main drainage ditch storm system utilizing triple 120-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe. The three sections are each 170-feet long terminating in thick concrete headwalls. Pre-cast pipe segments weighed 40,000 pounds and were individually put into place by a crane and large excavators.

After the pipe was set, cellular grout and gravel were used for backfill between the pipes and to hold the pipe in place as the end sections were added and earth was being placed on top. The pipe system will provide storm water drainage for 290-acres and have the capacity to flow 1,600 cubic feet of water per second through them.