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Construction Projects in Kansas City

Deep Foundation Systems, Engineered Shoring, Industrial, Structural Concrete

Kissick was the prime contractor for the construction of Unit 2, a new 750MW coal-fired generation plant adjacent to the existing unit, including all earthwork, engineered shoring, foundation auger-cast piling, structural concrete foundations, elevated cast-in-place concrete structures, flatwork, and underground mechanical and electrical duct bank systems. The project also included major rehabilitation to the active Unit 1 facility.

Significant quantities of work completed by Kissick included:

  • Excavation and backfill of 477,000 cubic yards of earthwork
    Installation of 7,877 auger cast piles
  • Placement of 75,000 cubic yards of structural concrete and flatwork
  • Installation of over 50,000 lineal feet of process piping, 4”-132” diameter
  • Over 465,000 man-hours were utilized on this project