KU Jayhawk Boulevard

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KU – Jayhawk Boulevard is iconic to the University of Kansas’ campus. Located in the heart of the campus in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas, the boulevard was reconstructed and renovated with a complete makeover including new roadway and streetscape. The project was challenging due to the intensely aggressive schedule of the project. It was phased for completion over four summers when the student population was at its lowest. All phases started in May and were completed by the second week of August.

The University required the project follow the historical nature of the boulevard. The roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutter were meticulously replaced to follow the original plan. Strict quality control was put in place by the owner and engineer for adherence to the historical plan and schedule. An aggressive schedule backed with heavy liquidated damages and working in the heart of the campus made for an interesting challenge for the Kissick Construction team.

Kissick’s work on the fourth phase of the project received the 2019 Judges Award from the Kansas Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

Click below to view an exciting project video showing the 2019 work in progress and the final results.

KU Jayhawk Boulevard Phase 4 Reconstruction video on Youtube