Cellular concrete is a new product we are using as an alternative fill material for abandoning underground water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater lines. By incorporating externally generated foam into a slurry mixture, the air content is increased above 10%. This creates a lighter, more versatile and potentially cost-effective alternative to traditional fill methods. 

Due to its lighter consistency, cellular concrete offers greater pumpability and flowability while curing with enough comprehensive strength to satisfy many applications. The new foam / cement mixture works to keep groundwater from flowing through idle lines and keeps them from collapsing as well. Utilizing this new technology allows our teams to abandon lines in place rather than remove them—saving both time and money for our clients.

By investing in the necessary equipment and training a team of professional staff in the use of cellular concrete, we are able to offer local municipalities and public works departments in our region more cost efficient ways to abandon idle utility lines. Kissick Construction is proud to be a trusted team member and a reliable partner to clients throughout the region by utilizing innovative technologies and solutions to solve industry problems.