A Proud History in Kansas City

Kissick Construction Company was founded in 1994 by Lloyd J. "Jim" Kissick III and Pete Browne. To their new firm they brought a long working relationship and a commitment to provide quality service to their Kansas City client base. They believed then that success is a result of treating others fairly and with respect, hiring and retaining talented people, and never saying “we can’t” to a client. With those values continuing through today, the firm has grown to manage 100 million dollar single projects and has developed a strong reputation for providing innovative thinking to solve engineering challenges.

Although in founding Kissick Construction, Jim and Pete were entrepreneurs in their own right, their proud tradition of service is rooted in their extended company and family history. This history goes back to 1896 when James H. Kissick started Kissick Transfer Company, an equipment hauling business in Kansas City. His two sons, Lloyd Kissick, Sr. and Robert formed the Imperial Transfer & Storage Company in 1915, having both grown up working in their father's firm. Primarily a hauling company, the young company also offered warehouse storage, intra-urban bus service and road oiling. This business was located in a building at 19th and Central.

As Kansas City grew — so did opportunities for all facets of the operation. In 1922, they spun off the road oiling work with Lloyd Sr. and Jr. forming Kissick & Son Construction Company. The firm expanded into the road grading business across the Midwestern states.

The 1940’s and 1950’s post war expansion saw the development of cities and highways. Kissick & Son was a key player in this work, adding asphalt and concrete plants to their road and grading operations.

Lloyd Kissick Sr., with his trademark stogie, was a leader of Kansas City's construction industry. In 1950 he was the president of the Associated General Contractors of Missouri. In the same year he was also the first president of the Heavy Constructors Association of Kansas City and subsequently served three consecutive terms.

Today Pete Browne, David Kissick and Lloyd J. Kissick, IV, descendants of the elder Kissicks mentioned above, continue to serve the greater Kansas City area as respected contractors. Their firm, started in 1994, has sharpened its focus in heavy civil work – earthwork, utilities, structural concrete and foundation piling. Their highly regarded Kissick teams are bringing value to clients throughout the midwest.

MidWest Contractor Cover
The fleet of Imperial trucks and equipment in 1924 or 1925, lined up in front of Imperial's offices at 19th and Central in the crossroads section of downtown Kansas City. This building still stands today. Click to zoom into this image.
Kissick Excavators
Kissick Construction equipment lined up to work on KC Live in 2006.
Jim Kissick & Pete Browne
MidWest Contractor Cover
Lloyd J. Kissick, Sr., and Lloyd J. Kissick, Jr. on the cover of Mid-West Contractor, September 2, 1959. Click to view interior pages in pdf format.
Lloyd Sr., Jr., Jim
Lloyd J. Kissick, Sr., and Lloyd J. Kissick, Jr. flank a slightly younger Jim Kissick, the next generation of Kissick Construction.