Imperial Transfer & Storage

1900 Central, Kansas City, Missouri
The photograph below dates from 1924 or 1925. ("1924" is discernable on the leftmost truck's license plate.) In addition to damage the original print had suffered through the years, the emulsion was cracking off the print, slowly decaying it. In 2000, the print was copy scanned at Custom Color (coincidentally in the same building shown in the print), retouched by DeLong Design, and digitally reprinted.

The Flash picture viewer below contains the un-retouched image on the bottom, and the retouched and restored image on the top. Click anywhere in the image to zoom in. Alt or Option click to zoom out. You can also use the interface controls on the bottom or the navigator at the top left.

If your device is not Flash friendly, you can view a 500k medium resolution image directly.


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